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All online workshops are held on Zoom on US Eastern Time
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online workshop

White Crane:
Qi Xing (Seven Star) Sequence

Registration deadline: June 3rd

  • Prerequisite: White Crane Fundamentals online workshop (May 15th & 22nd)

This workshop will cover partner drills which help develop body structure, softness, sensitivity, and a basic understanding of martial applications.

This workshop will include: Pushing Hands, Centering, Rollback, and Martial Applications.

This series is designed to prepare students for the Taiji Fighting Set, an advanced 2-person sequence  in the YMAA Taiji curriculum.

in-person workshops

Pushing Hands

Sword Fundamentals

Our first time back in Québec since 2020!

Registration details coming soon!

YMAA Québec


All online workshops will be recorded. If you can’t make the live session you can access the videos for 2 months after the last class.

After the workshop has ended, some titles will be available for purchase for lifetime access.

Past Workshops

Partial list of past workshops


  • Fighting Set (4 parts)
  • Taiji 8 Energies
  • Peng Lu Ji An
  • Pushing Hands

Shaolin (Barehand):

  • White Crane Intro
  • White Crane Shang Xia Zhi
  • White Crane Shan He
  • White Crane Yao Gu
  • Short Defense (Takedowns)


  • Short Weapons Basics
  • San Cai Dui Jian (Three Powers Sword)
  • Qi Xing Dao (Seven Star Saber)
  • Long Weapons Basics
  • Qi Mei Gun (Equal Eyebrow Staff)
  • White Crane Short Rods
  • YMAA Andover (Andover MA)
  • YMAA Boston (Roslindale, MA)
  • YMAA Western Mass (Northampton, MA)
  • YMAA Québec (Québec City, QC, Canada)
  • YMAA Retreat Center (Miranda, CA)
  • GateWay Taiji (Portsmouth, NH)
  • Sanda Fighting Arts (Watertown, MA)
  • Tufts University (Medford, MA)
  • White Crane Fundamentals
  • Taiji Sword (4 parts)
  • Taiji Ball Levels 1 & 2